YX506 Spinning Frame for Cotton Polyester and Chemical Fiber

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Model YX506 is one of the best ring spinning frame which ensures high quality yarn spinning. The machine features convenient operation and easy management due to its high automation. It is suitable for spinning of cotton and synthetic fibers or their blends to produce weaving or knitting yarns.

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Simple and Reliable head-stock
High-speed timing belts greatly reduce the noise.
Gears in head-stock are of the same modules, hole diameter and width; all the gears for total drafting, twisting and winding are interchangeable.
The bowl position of the lifting cam can be adjusted to adapt to the change of ring rail short lifting stroke.
The lappet can lift at proper time because of using the fork mechanism.
The lifting is balanced by tandem torque rods or heavy hammer, it balance the weight of steel ring plate and yarn guider, it will be selected by seller.
If select heavy hammer, the part of drafting drive will lengthen 100mm than common, so it make drive more reliable convenient for maintain.
The curve of the cam for taking shape is excellent designed, so that it will not shed off when the yarn with drawing on a high speed winding frame.
Frame is of rigidity so that vibration is minimized even at high speed.


Model FA506
No. of spindles 348-516
Lift 180. 205mm
Ring Dia Φ38. Φ40. Φ42. Φ45mm
Yarn count 4.9-97.2 tex(6-120)
Twist 230-1740T/m
Length of fiber Below 65mm
Spindle speed 12000-20000 r/min
Draft Ratio Total draft:10-50   Rear zone draft:1.06-1.53
Twist Direction Z twist(single tension pulley), Z or S twist(double tension pulley)
Draft system 3 line rollers, double aprons(long and short), pendulum arm weighting
Roving creel Bobbin hangers of six rows in single tier, Φ152*406mm;  Bobbin hangers of four rows in single tier, Φ132*302mm
Motors Main motor of double speed:380v, 15/7kw, 17/9kw, 18.5/11kw
  Suction motor: 380v,1.1kw,1.5kw, 2.2kw
  Motor for lifting:380v, 180kw

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