YX6789 Cashmere Combined Carding Machine

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This machine is suitable for raw materials such as cashmere, cashmere, camel hair and yak wool in different regions and different quality. The raw materials are opened, decontaminated, removed coarse, and dandruffed, and the qualified dehaired wool is made at one time for use in the next process.

The machine has the characteristics of advanced design, reasonable, strong combing ability, small fiber damage, low lint rate, high automation, labor saving and high efficiency. It is suitable for large, medium and small carding enterprises. According to the characteristics of its own factory, optional combine the cashmere combing machines. It is the ideal carding device for carding manufacturers.

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Structural Features

1. The YX189 automatic feeding machine is adopted to feed the material evenly.
2. The YX188 Roller opener developed exclusively by our factory has the characteristics of the best quality and stable performance in China. The fiber is loosely opened, the damage is small, and the net is clear.
3. Adopting the newly developed YX187P parallel combing machine of our factory, this machine is the exclusive original in China, with good coarse remove effect and small fiber damage.
4. On the basis of the cotton-spun FA204 type flat machine, the mechanical stability has been increased, the finening and the elimination of the short pile have been further improved, and the quality of the dehaired wool has been improved.
5. Improved the condenser that borrowed from cotton spinning equipment. It realizes all the automation of feeding, impurity removal, slag absorption and material feeding, which reduces the labor and improves the efficiency.
6. The special process is applied to the feeding roller, which makes the feeding smoother and there is no phenomenon of blockage, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
7. All parts of the whole machine are controlled by frequency converters, which are convenient for raw materials of different quality in different producing areas, and achieve effective control of output and quality through frequency conversion control of machinery.
8. This machine adopts a fully enclosed safety cover, which is clean and safe, easy to operate and beautiful.
Main technical parameters and specifications:
Working width: 1020mm and 1520mm
Feeding form: Automatic feeding machine + new feeding device
Power: (1) Feeding machine: 2.2 kw
Roller opening machine: 2.8kw
Parallel Combing Machine: 2.2kw/set
Flat carding machine: 4.3kw/set
Condenser: 14 kw/set
Floor area: (L*W)24000*2000~31000*2000 square millimeter
(L*W)24000*2500~31000*2500 square millimeter
Net weight:
Feeding machine: 1500 kg, 1000 kg
Roller opening machine: 3500kg, 2500kg
Parallel Combing Machine: 1500kg, 1000kg
Flat carding machine: 4000kg, 3000kg
Condenser: 600kg, 500kg
Carding technical indicators:
Capacity: according to the origin, quality and other factors of the raw materials 2.5~10 kg / hour
Fluff extraction rate ≥95%
Fiber damage rate 8~12%
Fluff grossness ratio <0.3%
Fluff contamination rate <0.2%
Carding process:
Each carding factory can freely choose a combination of various machine types according to the size of its own plant and the quality of raw materials, and can be disconnected or connected at any position on the line.

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