YX1203 Carding Machine for Cotton Polyester and Chemical Fiber

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The former process of this machine is the opening and cleaning machine, and the latter process is the drawing frame. This machine is mainly used for processing cotton fiber and chemical fiber. It will open the cotton (chemical fiber) roll sent from the previous process or the cotton (chemical fiber) layer supplied from the cotton box to remove impurities, so that all the cotton (chemical fiber) rolls are in a curled, blocky shape. The cotton ball becomes a basically straight single fiber state, and in the process, the remaining cotton seeds, impurities and short lint are removed, and then bundled into a certain specification of cotton sliver, which is stored in the can for the drawing process.

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Microcomputer controls and touch screen display relative parameter.
The special work frame with high strength, easy to adjust and convenient to take out the under casing of the cylinder.
Sealed lateral shield of the cylinder to avoid the fly on it.
Suitable for chutes feed or two laps feed.
Visible plastic adhesive filtering pipe with smooth surface, multi suction point on card for continuous suction with good suction efficiency. Continuously pressure detection.
Reversed revolving flats increase carding action and improve web quality.
Front and post stationary flats, web cleaners and carding segment under licker-in are fitted.
Optimum designed constructions of the cylinder and doffer ensure its precision.
Newly designed profile with beautiful appearance.
Front and post stationary flats and web cleaners are made of aluminum with lightweight and smooth to ensure good suction efficiency.
Bundling mechanism for sliver guiding, featured by convenient operation and good sealing.
Long-term and short-term mixed loop auto leveler is equipped.


Application This machine is used for processing cotton, and chemical fibers and blends in length 22~76mm
Max. theoretical output (kg/h) 80
Sliver count (g/m) 3.5~6.5
Feed weight (g/m) 400~1000
Working width (mm) 1000
Total draft 60~300
Doffer working diameter (mm) 706
Licker-in diameter (mm) 250
Licker-in speed (r/min) 833 942 1025 (belt pulley diameter: 224)

771 872 949    (belt pulley diameter: 242)

712 805 877    (belt pulley diameter: 262)

Doffer diameter (mm) 706
Doffer speed (r/min) 8.9~89
Cylinder diameter (mm) 1288
Cylinder speed (mm) 344 379 429 467
No. of revolving flats (working/total) 32/86
Flat speed (mm/min) 98~367
Additional carding segments Carding segment under licker-in, rear stationary flat, front stationary flat.
Applicable sliver can (dia*height) 600*1100mm    1000*1100mm
Continuous suction air capacity (m³/h) 3500
Wind pressure (pa) >920pa
Installed power (kw) 8.99kw
Area (length*width)(mm) 4468*2735(coiler diameter 600mm)

4670*3120(coiler diameter 1000mm)

Weight(kg) about 5500

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