• Functional characteristics of ramie

    Ramie, as a special product of China, is known as “Chinese grass, Chinese treasure” in the world. Ramie fiber absorbability is about 3-5 times that of cotton fiber, and contains beneficial elements such as Din, pyrimidine and purine, which is recognized as the “king of natural f...
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  • Application of flax fiber

    Flax is one of the earliest natural fibers used by humans, which has a history of more than 10,000 years. Flax fiber is a rare natural fiber, accounting for only 1.5% of the total natural fiber. Because of its natural, simple, rare, natural color and noble, it is known as the “fiber queen o...
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  • What are the uses of bamboo fiber products?

    With the continuous maturity of product preparation technology, bamboo fiber fineness, strength, adhesion, average length and other indicators have been greatly improved, but also continue to expand the application in the textile field. In the field of textile, bamboo fiber is blended with tradit...
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  • What is bamboo fiber?

    Bamboo fiber is the world’s fifth largest natural plant fiber after cotton, hemp, silk, wool, bamboo fiber is also known as bamboo fiber, different from chemical bamboo viscose fiber (bamboo pulp fiber, bamboo carbon fiber), from the bamboo stem wood fiber, the use of mechanical and physica...
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  • The advantages of cashmere

    Keep Warm Cashmere is 8 times warmer than wool. To better understand this, imagine the original purpose of growing cashmere: to keep goats that can’t get enough food in the harsh winter to maintain their body temperature in an environment of minus 34 degrees. Light Even though cashmere is 8...
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  • Origin of cashmere

    Origin of cashmere

    Cashmere originates from the most remote, cold and barren Asian plains of the earth – the northern slopes of the Himalayas and migrated with Chinese herdsmen to Inner Mongolia and the northern provinces of China between the 11th and 13th centuries, when Mongolian leaders Kublai Khan and Gen...
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  • What are the technical points of the carding machine to control neps impurities?

    Neps and impurities are a difficult problem to solve in cotton spinning, and the main control point is in the carding process. So, what points should be taken to strengthen the effective removal of neps and impurities in the carding process? By mastering and doing the following points in producti...
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