YX201B Carding Machine for Cotton Polyester and Chemical Fiber

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The former process of this machine is the opening and cleaning machine, and the latter process is the drawing frame. This machine is mainly used for processing cotton fiber and chemical fiber. It will open the cotton (chemical fiber) roll sent from the previous process or the cotton (chemical fiber) layer supplied from the cotton box to remove impurities, so that all the cotton (chemical fiber) rolls are in a curled, blocky shape. The cotton ball becomes a basically straight single fiber state, and in the process, the remaining cotton seeds, impurities and short lint are removed, and then bundled into a certain specification of cotton sliver, which is stored in the can for the drawing process.

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Main Features

1) Patented three roller stripper and main transmission mechanism
2) The frequency transformer permits the doffer stepless speed change
3) New stationary flats: 3 for front & 3 for rear
4) Licker-in carding board
5) High quality MCC wire
6) Computer monitor and auto-stop control at many points of the whole machine
7) Provide a variety of dedusting modes for your selection


Unique integral frame
The frame frame adopts integral welding tempering process and integrated processing of CNC machine tools, with high precision, firmness and no deformation.
Efficient multipoint centralized impurity removal system
The noil and trash are output in two ways and enter the dust filtering system respectively to facilitate the treatment or waste cotton recycling. The form of up and down suction and exhaust can be selected according to needs.


Application range 22~76 mm cotton and man-made fiber
Sliver delivery ration (g/m) 3.5~6.5
Max. theoretical output (kg/h) 40
Speed of sliver delivery (m/min) 57.7~121.2
Taker-in speed (r/min) 930 800
Doffer speed (r/min) 6~36
Cylinder speed (r/min) 360 330
Flat number (working flat/total flat) 41/106
Flat speed (mm/min) 79 91 129 141 184 241 342
Additional carding components carding board*1 stationary flat for front*3 stationary flat for rear*3
Sliver can size (diameter*height)(mm) 600*900mm   600*1100mm
Installed power (kw) 5.17
Safety cover Totally enclosed
Area (length*width)(mm) 3591*2123
Weight(kg) About 4500

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