YX1009 Reciprocation Bale Plucker

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As the first process of the cleaning unit, this machine is suitable for process various grades of raw cotton and chemical fibers and viscose fibers below 76mm. The cotton pluck arm equipped with a beater can move up and down and automatically perform 180° rotary motion; the cotton pluck arm reciprocates with the tower body, and performs fine grabbing on the cotton bale, and the grabbed small cotton bundles are passed through the cotton conveying pipeline. It is transported to the next cleaning equipment for further processing.

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Two plucker beaters. No matter whether the trolley moves forward or backward, there is always one ripper that grabs the cotton in the forward direction, while the other grabs the cotton in the reverse direction. The beater suspension device driven by the motor lifts the beater that catches the cotton in the opposite direction. The height of the lift can be adjusted as needed to prevent the beater from being too deep to grasp the cotton. Wear of bearings and other parts. The cotton bundles grasped by the upper and lower floating double saw blade beaters are uniform in size and small in dispersion, so as to achieve the requirements of fine, small and evenly grasped cotton pieces at the beginning of the blowing-carding process. The clearance drop of the cotton-catching arm can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0.1-19.9mm/time; the walking speed of the cotton-catching trolley is 5-16m/min frequency conversion speed regulation.


Output(kg) 1200
Bales lay down(mm) 50
Standard length(mm) 23565
Working height(mm) 1700
Working width(mm) 1600
Total power(kw) 9.8
Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 23045*5160*2900
Net weight(kg) 4100

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