YX1494 Three Axis Linkage Cotton Spinning Roving Frame

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The main function of the roving frame is to draft and twist, and to wind the roving into a certain package to meet the processing requirements of the spinning frame.

YX1494 high speed suspend Roving Frame is driven by three-inverter motor with simple structure and advanced program automatization to avoid the sliver faults during reversing. The YX1494 Roving Frame equipped with sliver breakage protection system and is one new generation practical model.

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YX1494 computerized roving frame adopts two frequency motors and one servo motor with simple structure and more perfect package.


Spindle gauge (mm) 220
Spindle number 96, 108, 120, 132, 144
Package dimension (mm) Φ150*400
Bobbin dimension (mm) Φ 45*445
Drafting system Four-roller or three-roller double-short apron drafting system
Drafting multiple 4.68-13.28
Twist range (twist/m) 18-80
Length for fiber 22-51(four roller) 51-65(three roller)
Density for yarn (Tex) 200-1250
Pressing form Pendulum spring pressing, Pneumatic weight Arm, Leaf spring pressing
Bottom roller diameter (mm) Φ28.5, Φ28.5, Φ28.5, Φ28.5
Top roller diameter (mm) Φ28.8, Φ28.8, Φ25, Φ28.8
Cleaning device Positive revolving belt with revolving suction device
Max Mechanical speed (R/M) 1600
Transmission device Three frequency inverter motor
Control type Computerized Automatic control
Man-machine interaction Touch screen
Winding transmission Gear transmission
Flyer transmission Gear transmission
Winding power shaft Universal shaft
Differential device Visible oil bath differential box
Reversing device Software
Yarn forming angle Software
Three auto doffing Software
Signal display Five lamps indicated on machine headstock
Tension adjustment Software
Tension fine adjustment Software
Unevenness preventing Software
Sliver fault preventing Software
Winding density adjustment Software
Twist changing Twist gear
Can diameter (mm) Φ400 (Φ500, Φ600)
Motor power (kw) Main motor 7.5kw

Gear motor 2.2kw

Rail motor 0.75kw

Noise standard (db(A)) <85
Overall dimension(mm) 14595*3477 (4365)
Weight (t) 11.2

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